• Metal Detector and accessories', General Mail-in Order Form:


    To place an order using an order form, Please :

    1- Please Get a print-out of this form and complete it.
    2- Make your Payments By Check Or Money Order in US and International Orders in International Cashiers check , Payable to : A&S Company.
    3- Mail All of above to :
    A&S Company
    3209 Benton St.
    Santa Clara, CA 95051

    First Name:________________Last Name:____________________Middle Name_______

    Email(if any)_________________________________

    Shipping Address___________________________________________________________

    City, State, Zip______________________________________________________


    Fax, If any:_________________________________________________________

    Item No., If any - Model and Description - Our Discounted Price:

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    SubTotal - _______________________________________-__________

    8.25% tax (CALIFORNIA Orders Only)_________________-__________

    Shipping & Handling (if any ) In U.S.A. __________________-______________

    Shipping & Handling International orders, Please Check rates.___-__________

    Total Enclosed_____________________________________-__________

    Please allow us two weeks for delivery if payment is made by a personal check. Shipping cost on all accessories is free if ordered with a detector at the same time. If not please add $5 for shipping for the accessories only Orders, Thank You.

    And Happy Hunting,...:) :)

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  • You can always call us to place your order, but if you wish to send your payment (by check or money order) please use this order form.