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Vibra-Probe 580
Pinpointer Metal Detector

You'll be amazed how recovery time is reduced. Communicates with vibration - Pulse induction - Really pinpoints your target...

Vibra-Quatic 2
Pinpointer Metal Detector

Pulse Induction pinpointer with a large coil for deeper detection depths on large targets. Signals with vibration and light. Perfect for divers who wear gloves...

Vibra-Tector 730
Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Great for divers!! Signals with vibration and light - Pulse Induction - Waterproof to depths of up tp 100 feet...

The Vibra-Phone 280
Replaces Sound with Vibration

Don't like headphones? Difficult to hear the tones? Replace sound with vibration by easily attaching to your metal detector...

EZ Swing
Metal Detector Harness

Do your arms and shoulders get tired from swinging that heavy metal detector? Problem solved! Fully adjustable...

Replacement Parts

Holster, Wrist strap, battery compartment seal and industrial 9 volt batteries. Add to your products or replace a part...

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