A&S Company Phone: (408)248-1233
3209 Benton St. Toll Free: 1-800-301-6151
Santa Clara, CA 95051 Toll Free 1-888-369-8999
http://www.detection.com email: Here

How to order:

You can use any of the following four options to place your order.
1- By calling us Toll Free Numbers 1-800-301-6151 or 1-888-369-8999 and (408) 248-1233. (Credit card and COD orders)
2- By sending us an Email Here . (COD orders only).
3- By Faxing an order form to: Fax (408) 241-7304 . (COD orders)
4- By mailing the order form. (All orders: Checks, money order, etc.. )
5- By Paypal We accept Paypal on all confirmed and verified address.
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